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Improved Co-Operation For Finnish Border Safety Authorities

What is it about

improving cooperation BETween
finnish border-safety authorities

The third Work Package of the CB-SAFE project aims at improving the cooperation between the different Finnish border-safety authorities.

The aim is, that through a unified cooperation model, all authorities can use similar best practices as well as best meet the safety-needs of cross-border passengers.

The main partners of this project are The South Karelia Rescue Department (SKRD) and The Kymenlaakso Rescue Department (KYRD). SKRD has the lead responsibility for developing the cooperation model and has the key role in distributing the results as well as benchmarking activities connected to the developed model.

how is it done

Research Methods

The main research method for the project are interviews of the following six Finnish rescue departments: Kymenlaakso, South-Karelia, North-Karelia, Kainuu, Oulu-Koillismaa and Lapland.

In the interviews those persons of Rescue Departments are included, who have the main responsibilities in cross-border cooperation. Interviews are based on the current status and developmental needs of cross border cooperation and operative models.

In addition to the aforementioned rescue departments, other Finnish key cooperative partners (Police, Border guard, Customs, Finnish emergency response center and Gulf of Finland coast guard) will be interviewed and heard.

After the interviews, there will be dissemination seminars for all concerned parties on the key findings and on guidance for how to proceed in the future.

Diver in his gear in front of a rescue car
where does it lead

Outcome of the project

Work Package can be summed up by the following:

Frequently asked questions

How long will the project last?

Project duration is 1.1.2021 – 30.11.2022.

Who are the safety authorities concerned?

Finnish Border Safety Authorities