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Safety Information For Cross-Border Passengers

What is it about

Enhancing the safety knowledge of
cross-border passengers

The CB-SAFE project promotes the development of border safety and security by increasing security awareness at border crossing points for passengers, and by improving the performance of rescue professionals by developing training and cooperation.

The activities of this Work Package 1 are focused on enhancing the skills, safety knowledge and safety attitudes of passengers crossing the Finnish-Russian border. This will prevent individual incidents and accidents, as well as create continuous development process in cross-border safety culture.

goals for passenger safety

Producing practical solutions

The goal of this Work Package 1 is to produce concrete instructional safety material such as leaflets, as well as digital safety information that can be distributed to cross-border passengers.

To do this, research is been made e.g. by:

  • studying law framework, risk analysis, statistics and existing cross-border safety information
  • conducting questionnaires for passengers
  • interviewing Finnish rescue departments and other key cooperative partners
  • testing the research results in places crowded with passengers, and
  • assessing the results based on feedback from end users
where does it lead

Outcome of the project

Based on research and its results, the most important safety information is defined and content is created to address that.

This content can be:

Safety will be improved for passengers
crossing the border by

Allegro Train

Water Transport Along The Saimaa Canal

Auto Transport

Better safety, accident prevention and management

the five border-crossing points
improved in the programme area

Saimaa Canal





Frequently asked questions

What safety issues can there exist when crossing the border?

Vast research has been made to define different scenarios and most common safety issues.

How will the safety be improved?

Instructional leaflets and other material is being produced to be distributed to cross-border passengers. This will enhance their skills, safety knowledge and safety attitude. An essential part of the programme is also improving the performance, operational capabilities and cooperation of Finnish and Russian rescue authorities and other concerned parties.

Who is working to make sure cross-border travelling is safe?

Many organizations on both sides of the border work together on improving the safety skills and cooperation.