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Results and Materials

Work package 1

Passenger Safety

The activities of Work Package 1 focused on enhancing the skills, safety knowledge and safety attitudes of passengers crossing the Finnish-Russian border.

Based on WP3 interviews, WP 1’s task was to produce video material for South-Eastern Finnish border stations on the themes of thin ice, water safety, hiking, wildfire and forest fire as well as poor driving conditions.

The Finnish Rescue Departments of South Karelia and Kymenlaakso both produced two instructional videos on the afore mentioned subjects. The students of LAB University of Applied Sciences were responsible for workshopping ideas for the content of the videos.

Instructional videos

The Finnish Rescue Department of Kymenlaakso

Thin Ice

The Finnish Rescue Department of Kymenlaakso

Forest Fire Warning

The Finnish Rescue Department of South Karelia

Boat Safety

The Finnish Rescue Department of South Karelia


Blog Posts

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Work package 2

Virtual Training

The main goal of Work Package 2 was to develop and test digital tools and virtual environment for risk prevention and management. In this context, virtual environment means both an integrated information model of the Saimaa Canal area, as well as simulated accident cases.

As a result a new virtual reality software, VR-HYPO, was created. With VR-HYPO, rescue professionals can train the leadership of rescue operations in a virtual environment.

Work package 3

Improved Cooperation

Work Package 3 of the CB-SAFE project aimed at improving the cooperation between the different Finnish border-safety authorities. The aim was, that through a unified cooperation model, all authorities can use similar best practices as well as best meet the safety-needs of cross-border passengers.

This Work Package produced reports relating to the research and improvement measures for the cooperation.